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Touhou vs Capcom: Hakurei Miko
Name: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Traveler, former Hakurei Shrine Maiden
Abilities: Martial Arts mixed with Divine Powers
Debut: M.U.G.E.N., created by Pre-to
Voice Actress: Kelly Sheridan
Costume 1: A modified version of the Hakurei Shrine Maiden outfit, sporting hakama pants, combat boots, detatched sleeves, and a black leotard underneath.
Costume 2: She shows off her black leotard and wears shorter hakama pants tied below the knees.
In an era long before the spell card system existed, there was a shrine maiden who protected the well-being of Gensokyo with a just heart and iron fists. Channeling her divine power through her martial arts, she destroyed any wicked youkai with superhuman fury. Her name had been lost in time, her story shrouded in mystery, but everyone can recognize her fierce spirit. Years later, during Reimu's era, the Hakurei Miko returns.
Skill Cards:
*Reverse Drive: A fierce counter attack
*Kendama: She gathers her divine power in the form
:iconpath-of-noend:Path-Of-NoEnd 1 9
May the 4th Jedi Sketch by Path-Of-NoEnd May the 4th Jedi Sketch :iconpath-of-noend:Path-Of-NoEnd 2 0 My action movie cast by Path-Of-NoEnd My action movie cast :iconpath-of-noend:Path-Of-NoEnd 8 9 Multi-Civil War Meme by Path-Of-NoEnd Multi-Civil War Meme :iconpath-of-noend:Path-Of-NoEnd 5 6 Commission: Naruto Katsuragi by Path-Of-NoEnd Commission: Naruto Katsuragi :iconpath-of-noend:Path-Of-NoEnd 54 26
RWBY game idea
RWBY: Remnants of Chaos (Title subject to change)
Genre: Action, Beat-em-up, fighting, RPG(?)
Developers: Rooster Teeth, Platinum Games(?)
Game Consoles: Playstation 3 or 4, Xbox 360 or One
Players: 1-4 offline, up to 8 online
Publishers: No idea at the moment
Story: No idea, maybe something that follows the canon, or something that takes place at a certain time in between arcs. Monty Oum can come up with something to use for the game. It’s his series, after all.
Gameplay features:
Combat system- Combat is a fast paced but deep part of this game. Players roam on a top-view surface, moving in 8 directions, exploring the area and battling with enemies. Attacks are broken down into 3 features: quick attack, strong attack, and special attack. The first two attack buttons can perform chain combos, depending on how and when you input them, while the special attack button is usually used for characters with firearms at their disposal. Otherwise, they activate a unique trait, such as mag
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Commission: Naruto vs Hazama by Path-Of-NoEnd Commission: Naruto vs Hazama :iconpath-of-noend:Path-Of-NoEnd 23 13
Ryu Hayabusa SSBB
Intro: A falcon flies in before it explodes in smoke, replacing it with Ryu.
Idle Animation: Ryu merely shakes himself off.
Notable Palette Swaps: Crimson red, classic Ninja Gaiden outfit, Fiend Ryu, Dead or Alive outfit.
Walk animation: Ryu moves in while still in fighting stance.
Run Animation: Ryu dashes like he does in the Ninja Gaiden series.
Dizzy Animation: Ryu kneels down while holding his head.
Edge Grab: Ryu holds onto the edge with both hands while dangling
Basic Attacks:
A,A,A,A: Two punches, a spinning side kick and a roundhouse kick
Forward+A: A powerful straight forward arm strike
Down+A: A sweeping kick
Up+A: An upward palm strike
Dash+A: Does three flying side kicks
Air+A: A regular punch
Air Forward+A: A spinning side kick
Air Back + A: A back kick
Air Up+A: A summersault kick
Air Down+A: Spinning downward chop
Edge Attack: Jumps up and hits the opponent with a double chop
Smash Moves:
Forward+A: a double palm strike that sends them tumbling backwards
Up+A: A spin man
:iconpath-of-noend:Path-Of-NoEnd 8 22


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Name: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Traveler, former Hakurei Shrine Maiden
Abilities: Martial Arts mixed with Divine Powers
Debut: M.U.G.E.N., created by Pre-to
Voice Actress: Kelly Sheridan

Costume 1: A modified version of the Hakurei Shrine Maiden outfit, sporting hakama pants, combat boots, detatched sleeves, and a black leotard underneath.

Costume 2: She shows off her black leotard and wears shorter hakama pants tied below the knees.


In an era long before the spell card system existed, there was a shrine maiden who protected the well-being of Gensokyo with a just heart and iron fists. Channeling her divine power through her martial arts, she destroyed any wicked youkai with superhuman fury. Her name had been lost in time, her story shrouded in mystery, but everyone can recognize her fierce spirit. Years later, during Reimu's era, the Hakurei Miko returns.

Skill Cards:

*Reverse Drive: A fierce counter attack

*Kendama: She gathers her divine power in the form of a ball. Depending on how long the button's held, she either kicks it like a ball, or shoots it from her palms like a cannon.

*Safe Guard: A warp move similar to Akuma's Ashura Zenku.

*Flying Miko: The Miko soars forward to deliver a fierce straight punch. Can be followed up with one of the following moves.
**A lethal body blow
**An overhead rolling kick
**A palm strike launching the opponent upward.

*Mikoyuuzen: The Miko starts with a hand strike to the body before rising into the air with a rising uppercut.

*Kagura Kick: The Miko performs an array of two or three devestating kicks.

*Youkai Hunting Barrage: The miko unleashes a fury of rapid fire punches that finish differently depending on the button used.

*Dive on a Dime: A dive kick that can only be used in the air.

*Geyser Kick: The Miko's anti-air kick

Spell Cards:

*Shrine Maiden Basher: The miko shoots out with two straight punches, then unloads on the opponent with rapid-fire punches infused with divine energy.

*Circular Barrier: The miko unleashes her divine power in a turbulent sphere that does multiple hits.

Last Word:

Death Whirlwind: Launching her opponent into the air, the miko unleashes a storm of divine power, massacring the enemy from all sides.

Win Quotes:

Those who threaten the security of Gensokyo shall die by my fists.

These scars hold not only the efforts of my training, but the weight of my responsibilities.

You look really terrified now. Can't say I blame you.

You don't seem so bad. How about we settle this over a meal?

No evil shall escape my wrath. HA!

(Vs Ryu) Not many humans can keep up with this power. I can't wait to see how far you'll go.

(Vs Reimu) You've got a lot of responsibilities on your shoulder, kiddo. You can't afford to slack off.

(Vs Chun Li) Get up, officer. You can't afford to shame your father's spirit.

(Vs Marisa) I'm glad Reimu has a friend in you. Make sure you knock some sense into her every now and then.

(Vs Guile) You should've called in an air strike, soldier. Destiny was not in your favor.

(Vs Sakuya) Time doesn't do much to me anymore. You've probably figured that out, by now.

(Vs Juri) Fun's over, bitch.

(Vs Sanae) Well, you do have good intentions. Just make sure and give Reimu a hand should she ever need it.

(Vs Bison, Wesker, Mima, and Seiga) Creatons like you will bring harm no more. Taste my judgement!

(Vs Remilia, Flandre, Cirno, Rumia, Wriggle, and Koishi) You're lucky you're still just a kid. I'm not that ruthless.

(Vs BB Hood) No good ever comes from your kind of hunting. Say your prayers.

(Vs Sakura, Batsu, Alice, and Sumireiko) It's nice to see youngsters honing their gifts.

(Vs Meiling) It's been a while since I've met a sister martial artist. We should spar again, soon.

(Vs Akuma) You may be strong, but you're far from mastering killing intent.

(Vs Youmu, Tenshi, and Miko) Fancy sword, but you left yourself wide open.

(Vs Morrigan) I'm proud of my body and all, but you took way too big a risk trying to get a feel.

(Vs Utsuho) Huh. Not really evil. Just stupid.

(Vs Felicia) It'd be really bad on my conscience if I beat up a cat.

(Vs Frank and Aya) You need to be ready for the risks if you want to document these stories.

(Vs Hsien ko and Yuyuko) Don't the dead have anything better to do? Ah, well. Guess I'll send you back to the afterlife.

(Vs Demitri) You're not my type, and you've long overstayed your welcome.

(Vs Reisen) Fighting insanity is part of my responsibilities. You were far outmatched.

(Vs Talbain) You may not like us very much, but I appreciate you trying to avoid harming others.

(Vs Yukari) It's so nice to finally catch up with you, Yukari. I was waiting to smack you around.

(Vs Megaman, Roll, Tron Bonne, Bass, and Zero) Puppets? No. These are something different. Human even.

(Vs Suika and Yuugi) You've gotten sloppy. Where's that strength you Oni are so proud of?

(Vs Dante and Nero) You put your heritage to good use. I guess I don't have to worry about you.

(Vs Patchouli and Keine) All that reading must've made you neglect your exercise. You should get out more.

(Vs Vergil) If you'd stoop to something like this just for power, then I'm obliged to send you off in pieces.

(Vs Komachi and Shikieki) And I thought I had a hard job.

(Vs Trish) If you truly wish to live as a human, then who am I to bug you?

(Vs Mokou and Kaguya) Immortal? Neat. I could always use a top-quality punching bag.

(Vs Chris and Jill) Your efforts are valiant, but you're probably not ready for the adversity I've faced.

(Vs Viewtiful Joe) What's with all those weird poses? Are you a street performer or something?

(Vs Amaterasu) I guess the gods have seen better days.

(Vs Ichirin, Byakuren, and Futo) I have no qualms with other religions, but something about you seems suspicious.

(Vs Arthur and Dan) I didn't want to hurt you too bad, so I just used one finger.

(Vs Mamizou) I can see right through your charade.

(Vs Captain Commando) Non-canon? What the hell are you talking about?

(Vs Kokoro) Pick any mask you like. I'll still punch right through it.

(Vs Phoenix Wright) I don't think the laws can apply to this line of work.

(Vs Momiji and Kagerou) Dog-like youkai tend to be a real hassle.

(Vs Soki) You shouldn't have held back on a woman like me. I'm more ruthless than any Oni when I need to be.

(Vs Shinki) Next time you wanna start a tour, do it with a miko's guidance. Better that than us having to clean up your mess.

(Vs Ruby Heart) I was told pirates were roudy fighters. You could use a little brushing up, though.

(Vs Yuuka) Youkai say you're brutal. I guess they never really met me yet.

(Vs Asura) No way that was a normal diety. It's been a long time since I fought at full power.

(Vs Mystia) My burning spirit is not something you can tame with mere songs.

(Vs Hayato) Don't put down your sword, yet. Those kids need you.

(Vs Kaguya) A princess should lead by example. I say you're not ready.

(Vs Jin, Tron, Shinmyoumaru and Nitori) *sigh* Kids and their toys.

(Vs Hiryu) Never fought a ninja before. The myths don't do your speed justice.

(Vs Gene) You may have divine power, but you haven't mastered it on the same level as I have.

(Vs Wily) You're done running. It's time you pay for your transgressions.

(Vs Shantae) Well, you're surprisingly upbeat.

(Vs Iesua) I hope you can forgive me. I tend to deal with my enemies very brutally.

(Vs Cammy) You do your best to forge your future.

(Vs Tessa and Yumemi) You were strong in mind, but you should've also trained you body and spirit as well.

(Vs Satori) If you can read my mind, then you know what comes next.

(Vs Firebrand) Trying to set people on fire? That earned you a hole in your torso.

(Vs Medicine and Seija) You're misfortunate to cross my path. I'm not as leniant as my successor.

(Vs Anarkis) If my duty requests that I slay a king, so be it.

(Vs Amingo) ...Oh god, I'm not drunk, am I?

(Vs Nue and Kogasa) I guess your brand of mischief only deserves a bloody hind.

(Vs SonSon) Next time, ask your grandfather to show you how to use that staff properly.

(Vs Nathan Spencer) I hope your mechanics are well supplied.

(Vs Hina) No matter how misfortune is sent my way, I won't go down so easily.

(Vs Masamune) You're the one who started the party, kid. You shouldn't have bit off more than you can chew.

(Vs Kasen) You seem awfully familiar for some reason.

(Vs Ken) Must be nice to be able to balance both family and discipline.

(Vs Nick) You may be weak, but I admire your courage.

(Vs Ingird) Who the hell are you? And what exactly are your intentions?

Quotes of others:

(Ryu) She's unlike anything I've ever faced before. Have I reached the peak of my potential? No. I must keep improving.

(Reimu) I never thought I'd really see you again so soon.

(Chun Li) You're not just pure brute strength. Your technique is flawless. What kind of maiden are you?

(Marisa) Man, Reimu's got a lot to live up to.

(Guile) Lady, you give a new meaning to the word "brutal".

(Sakuya) To think that Reimu's predacessor was this fierce.

(Juri) You bitch! You were really trying to break my legs, weren't you?!

(Sanae) Is this the power of a fully realized Shrine Maiden? I'd be scared of myself if I was that powerful.

(Bison) In the end, you were destined to be brought to Bison's knees.

(Remilia) I don't suppose you're in the mood for a cup of tea.

(Sakura) Wow. The life of a shrine maiden is more intense than I thought.

(Meiling) All these martial arts that you've engraved into your body and soul...It's no wonder you're so feared.

(Akuma) Yes...finally...a worthy opponent!

(Flandre) Whoa...A shrine maiden that feels like Meiling.

(Morrigan) Even with such a tempered body, you still possess such feminine beauty. How nice.

(Cirno) Y-y-y-you don't scare the s-s-s-strongest!

(Felicia) You need to be more gentle. Cats are more delicate than given credit for.

(Youmu) Even with my blade, I'm lucky I didn't become a full ghost.

(Hsien-ko) I don't have a weapon for someone like you.

(Utsuho) Whoa! I can't believe I was stupid enough to almost get myself killed!

(B.B. Hood) For all that talk about your brutality, you actually let your guard down on a small child?

(Alice) I wonder what your relationship with Reimu was like?

(Demitri) A mere mistress would be an insult to your power. How about you become my bride instead?

(Aya) I've been waiting a long time to get a story on a living legend of Gensokyo.

(Talbain) This spirit! This ferocity! It actually repelled the beast within! Tell me; what is the secret to your strength?

(Reisen) I guess I'm the one insane enough to face you, huh?

(Megaman) I don't think I'll be able to use my new weapon for a while...

(Yukari) Oh, my. That's a nasty way to great an old friend. Seriously, I was terrified!

(Roll) I guess I'm the one who needs a clean up now.


(Bass) crazy bitch...

(Yuyuko) Why do I get the feeling that I've seen her before?

(Zero) Target apprehended. I'm gonna need some reembursement for all the weapons she broke.

(Komachi) I don't know if your time will ever come, but I don't think I'll be in any shape to take your soul.

(Dante) Damn, girl. Even Mundus would pee his pants at the sight of you. That's awesome!

(Iku) Even nature falls to your fists?! What kind of shrine maiden are you?!

(Vergil) You were a true warrior. Had I not unleashed my full power, I would have fallen to your fists.

(Keine) You were the previous shrine maiden, yet your past is shrouded in mystery.

(Trish) You may have duties, but you gotta take a breather every now and then, ya know?

(Mokou) If I wasn't immortal, I'd be dead by now, and I can't afford that.

(Chris) Pretty violent for a maiden.

(Nitori) Too brutal and scary to be a maiden of this time. Did I make a time machine some time ago?

(Jill) I can't let Wesker meet her, or else we'll have a literal god to deal with.

(Ichirin) No way! No one has ever matched the power of Unzan's fists before!

(Wesker) And now, your fists obey a true god!

(Byakuren) My my! I was truly afraid for my life for a second.

(Viewtiful Joe) That was brutal, lady! I almost thought you weren't really a hero, there!

(Futo) My harmony had been disrupted the moment I challenged thine fists.

(Amaterasu) Ammy, what the hell are the requirements to become a maiden? Because THAT was nowhere near what I had in mind!

(Miko) In the first place, it's strange for a miko to go spreading her religion.

(Arthur) Beauty and grace, yet she puts fear on my face!

(Koishi) Whoa! So cool!

(Captain Commando) To be honest, I'm still surprised they haven't put you in a legitimate spin-off yet.

(Mamizou) I take it you're not the kind to fall for illusions...

(Frank West) "Shrine Maiden slays monsters with bare hands"...God, I hope this doesn't become a tabloid.

(Kokoro) A mask of fierce devotion. One fitting for one so dedicated even after retirement.

(Soki) So a dedicated spirit can even forge one's fists into weapons deadlier than blades. That's good to know.

(Rumia) I think this human is the kind that would eat me...

(Phoenix Wright) Not all conflicts can be resolved through force...but, scaringly, you were very close...

(Momiji) Did I really push her back? No. It must've been luck.

(Ruby Heart) Phew! Of all the discoveries I made on my voyages, you were the most lethal.

(Mima) How many times have your fists crushed my schemes in the past?

(Strider Hiryu) Your force of will is to be respected, but never underestimate a ninja's resolve.

(Shinki) Defeat me? How ridiculous! A shrine maiden is nothing more than a dog of the gods.

(Asura) Are human's achieving this kind of strength through their own efforts? Hmph. I guess I should be relieved.

(Wriggle) If we insects harm humans, you might exterminate us... That's why if we can prove that we are useful to your lives, I think our social status would improve.

(Saki) I don't remember Shrine Maidens being so brutal...

(Yuuka) I'll admit, even I fear you. But for now, I'm the one to be most feared.

(Gene) I'd rather flirt with vixens than fight with them, but you know how to have a good time.

(Mystia) OW! Stop punching me in the face! I'm trying to lure you in with my voice!

(Batsu) I'm kinda glad your not a teacher at my school. I don't think I'd even cut it in one of your PE classes.

(Shikieki) You've done well to bring prosperity to Gensokyo, but a few Youkai still fear your legends to this day.

(Hayato) How about instead of a fight, you come visit my orphanage and bring a smile to those kids' faces.

(Kaguya) That's not how you treat a princess, you uncivilized ruffian!

(Jin) Your spirit is something that Blodia and I can relate to, lady.

(Kagerou) You're way more skilled and experienced than the usual shrine maiden. Who are you?

(Wily) You'll pay for destroying my work! Now your divine power shall be used for my robot army!

(Tenshi) You really come from a kill or be killed time, don't you? Well, I hope you had as much fun as I did.

(Shantae) There was much more cardio than I expected in that "dance".

(Ieusa) You can follow whatever Religion you want, but I ask you do not forget my father.

(Cammy) You see your responsibilities through to the very end. I respect that.

(Yuugi) Phew! I finally paid you back for the hole you punched in my chest! Thanks for the fun, by the way.

(Tessa) Oh my. Who knew martial arts and religious devotion would go hand-in-hand? I might have to research this.

(Satori) I honestly hate having to fight warriors of your skill. Your mind I can read, but my body can't keep up with yours.

(Firebrand) GYAHAHAHHA-! blehehe (Hahahaha-! Oh, it hurts to laugh).

(Medicine) I...don't suppose divine repentance is in order...

(Anakaris) Your gods have abandonned you, warrior. Your new place shall be at my side.

(Yumemi) Divine power or not, you're definitely worth studying.

(Amingo) AMINGO! (What a scary lady!)

(Nue) Ahhh, my true form has been uncovered by an unidentified shrine maiden. What am I going to do now?

(SonSon) You're not gonna hunt me and grandpa, are you? I know we tend to get in a lot of trouble, but we really don't mean any harm.

(Kogasa) *sob sob* Just what are we youkai to you, anyway?

(Spencer) I really had to keep my distance with you. I don't think my bionic arm can handle that kind of force.

(Hina) To combat disaster, you become a disaster yourself. Humans can be really scary sometimes...

(Masamune) Doesn't matter if you're human or some kind of angry god. No one's stopping this dragon's path to conquest. Okay?

(Kasen) You really should learn to enjoy your retirement. There's more to your life than just slaying evil.

(Dan) Did you really think a sweet daffodil can handle my Saikyo sty- hey, who's stomach is that over there?

(Seija) You were the shrine maiden? I almost thought I couldn't win even with your power gone!

(Ken) Well, I guess this'll be a win for the notebooks. Maybe I'll give my son your autograph.

(Minamitsu) Humans get strong, don't they? The earth must be full of strong humans now.

(Nick) Please tell me you're here to help. It'd give me some closure knowing my prayers for help have been answered.

(Seiga) As expected from one of Gensokyo's shrine maidens. To think you could hurt someone who has been trained in creating elixirs of immortality.

(Nero) Settle down, lady. I'm not the one you should be punching.

(Shinmyoumaru) Wow, you were amazing with that "See-ya!" and "Wacha!"

(Ingrid) Someone whose even a mystery to the anuls of time. What are you?

(Sumireko) So this is what being old school is like. I'm glad I was born in this time, or I wouldn't live long enough to discover my powers.

Wily Tenshi Machine

Intro: I'll turn your soulless toy into scrap metal.

Outro: This is what happens when you try to bring harm to Gensokyo.

Fafnir Battle

Hakurei: Just another monster I need to put down.

Fafnir: (I am no mere monster, maiden.)


(The Hakurei Miko is enjoying her lunch with a female monster hunter wearing Kirin armor)

Hunter: That sounds like quite a scuffle you had there.

Miko: Meh. It comes with the job, I guess.

Hunter: That goes without saying. Although, don't you every feel worried that Gensokyo might be worse off without you.

Miko: Not really. Seeing how much little Reimu has grown and all the friends she's made, I can tell Gensokyo's in good hands.

(Turns to see the various monsters she beat to death awaiting to be turned in on the cart.)

Miko: Besides, it's not so bad making a living like this.

(They continue their meal, but then the sky opens up to reveal Pyron making his entrance.)

Miko: ...You go ahead without me. I'll take care of it from here.

(The Hunter drives the cart off while the miko walks to face Pyron as he innitiated an immense attack. The miko closes her eyes and breaths in."

Miko: HAH!!!!!!

(The miko throws a punch of divine energy, the screen fading to white.)
Touhou vs Capcom: Hakurei Miko
After working with :iconmaxgomora1247: on his Touhou vs Capcom stuff, I thought I'd make one of my own for fun. This one features the Sendai Hakurei no Miko, a popular Touhou fanon character who originated in M.U.G.E.N. Hope you all enjoy.

Touhou project is (c) of ZUN
All Capcom characters are (c) of Capcom
Sendai Hakurei no Miko is (c) of Pre-to
Image is (c) of Warugaki-ii

Touhou vs Capcom project was started by :iconmaxgomora1247:
I was tagged by masonicon, so, I apologize for the inconvenience.

1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag
4. Choose 10 people and get their icon in your journal
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
6. No tag-backs
7. You can't say that you don't do tags
8. You MUST make up journal entry 

    1.       What's your favorite characters (top 30)?

    a.       Naruto Uzumaki, Ryu from Street Fighter, Ryu Hayabusa, Asura of Asura’s Wrath, Yusuke Urameshi, Kenshiro, Jotaro Kujo, Josuke Higashikata, Katsuragi and Daidouji from Senran Kagura, Yang Xiao Long, Velvet Scarlatina, Blake Belladonna, Rodin from Bayonetta, Natsu Dragneel, Doctor Oobleck, Takeda Takahashi, Scorpion, Liu Kang, Erza Scarlet, Lucy Heartfilia, Rock Lee, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Might Guy, Hinata Hyuuga, Shikamaru Nara, Ibuki (Street Fighter), Chun Li, Yun (Street Fighter)

    2.        do you're got into (So called) Conspiracy Theories or the Like?

    a.       Not really

    3.       what's your favorite crossovers (top 5)?

    a.       Naruto crossovers in general

                                                                   i.      I’d really be up to see a good NarutoxSenran Kagura crossover again.

                                                                 ii.      I’m even working on a small one shot fanfiction…it’s probably not gonna do so well, lol

    b.       Jojo crossovers

    c.       RWBY crossovers

    d.      Touhou crossovers

    e.      Highschool DxD crossovers where the protagonist from the other series remains human.

    4.       What's Tropes that applies to yourself?

    a.       Beware the Nice Ones- I try hard to maintain composure and not snap

    b.      Humans are Special/Warriors- I’m a firm believer in the wonders and potential of humanity, and very proud of our ability to kick ass

    c.       Humans are flawed- though, admittedly, I’m not blind to the species’ faults

    d.      Heroes Fight Bare-Handed- I’m a brown belt in Karate

    e.      Brilliant but Lazy- I’m considered to be very smart, but I have trouble being self-motivated, and am often easily distracted.

    f.        Charles Atlus Superpower/Determinator- Nevertheless, There are many times where I commit myself to something. Sometimes it’s difficult and stressful, but it’s worth it.

    5.       Have you plays any of Maxis' Sim Games like Spore, Simcity, or the Sims?

    a.       No, not a fan of games like that.

    6.       Do you think Microtransactions(pay to win variety) ruins gaming?

    a.       Yes. It cheapens the experience and destroys the game’s substance.

    7.       what's your Least Favorite Characters(top 30)?

    a.       Brian Griffin, Peter Griffin, Sasuke Uchiha, Azula, Kung Jin (C’mon, you know he can be a real asshole), Remy from Street Fighter, Lois Griffin, Mitsunari Ishida, Monkey D Luffy, Cardin Winchester, Superman, Olga from Asura’s Wrath (What a bitch), Diodora Astaroth, Riser Phoenix, King Joffrey, Kaguya Horaisen, President Raiko from Korra, Lili from Tekken, Balrog, Vega, Brooke, Hailey Smith, D’vorra, Kotal Khan, Quan Chi, Cassie Cage, Rufus, Olimar, Jigglypuff, Mr. Game & Watch

    8.       are you addicted to crossovers?

    a.       Yes; They’re really fun.

    9.       Do you hate Copyright Nazis?

    a.       Yes. They tend to be very vague.

    10.   Do you know Heroes TV Series?

    a.       Yep.

10 facts:

    1.       I’m in college

    2.       Brown Belt in Karate

    3.       Studying Japanese

    4.       Friends with MaxGomora1247

    5.       Been to SacAnime

    6.       HUGE Naruto fan

    7.       Love fighting and character action games

    8.       Not a fan of fps games

    9.       Working with MaxGomora1247 on a project.

    10.   I love ninjas

10 Questions

    1.       Ninjas or Pirates?

    2.       Favorite Male Character?

    3.       Favorite Female Character?

    4.       Do you like crossovers, and if so, which two series would you like to see crossed?

    5.       If you were a character in a fighting game or shonen action series, which 3 special moves would you be identified with?

    6.       What’s more exciting to use when playing video games: Fists and Feet or Swords and Axes?

    7.       Do you play any mmo’s (dungeon fighter, elsword, etc.)?

    8.       What is most difficult for you to draw?

    9.       What do you like to draw most?

    10.   Playstation or Xbox?

I tag MaxGomora1247RukotaroBrian12ShugokunisakiMayomiCCzBusterGarouBrolomaltron66KegiSpringfieldAikiYun
Again, sorry for the inconvenience, but on the other hand, I hope some of you have some fun with it.

  • Listening to: Rock Music
  • Reading: Manga
  • Watching: Anime
  • Playing: Fighting Games
  • Eating: Cotton Candy Ice Cream
  • Drinking: Diet Soda


My Journey is Far From Over
United States
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Roll
Favourite style of art: Anime
Favourite cartoon character: Naruto Uzumaki


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